Alzheimer And Dementia Do Not Cause The Loss of Memories of Music

Alzheimer And Dementia

Dementia is a type of brain disorder affecting the performance and communication of daily activities. Alzheimer is a special type of dementia which effect parts of brain controlling memory, language and thought. Treatment is very much helpful for Alzheimer and dementia but there is no cure for it.

Effects of Alzheimer and dementia

Possessing this disease may result in difficulty in thinking and understanding, mental confusion and even difficulty in identifying common things. Alzheimer and dementia result in the meaningless repetition of words. It also results in aggression and personality change.

Memory loss is one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer and dementia. Family members and friends will find it easy to understand. One who is suffering from these diseases must be under the eyes of doctor.

Alzheimer and dementia often results in washing away of old memories as well as newly learned things. However, it does not cause the loss of memories of music.

Alzheimer and dementia do not result in the loss of memories of music

Music can inspire people in moving their feet. Music also inspires people in changing the world. Music plays a vital role in making decisions also. If a person involves themselves in music then the brain does Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). It gives a tingle feeling in brain or scalp. Some people describe this as head orgasm which is a simple gift of nature.

ASMR is very special. The brain part which causes ASMR doesn’t get lost with the occurrence of Alzheimer and dementia. These diseases put people in an atmosphere of confusion. However a study confirms that music can lift people out sometimes from the haze of Alzheimer. This will bring them back in normal condition but that is temporary.

This phenomenon is under observation for numerous times but the study on this phenomenon is done less. A person got his recovery after hearing the music of his youth times. Playing music is not a cure for the disease but it can make the symptoms more manageable. It can also improve the quality of life for a patient.

Music plays the role of a magician which causes a temporary cure. It is a cure to the person suffering from Alzheimer and dementia. Many doctors are using this method for the temporary cure. ASMR may be for a short while but is powerful stuff.

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