Apple Is A Customer of Google Cloud

Good News For Google

It is indeed good news for Diane Greene, Google Cloud Boss. In other words. Apple has announced publicly that it uses Google Cloud Platform. The same was a topmost secret and buried in a document and meant for IT professionals and developers.

A Well-Known Fact

Since the year 2016, people knew that Apple uses Google Cloud and Amazon Web services for running tis iCloud Services. However, Apple did never confirm the same publicly now.

The Boss Feels Exhilarated

  • Therefore, the boss of Google’s cloud, Diane Greene has everyreason to feel happy and victorious.The company has been trying to show the whole world about the number of big possessions that Cloud has.

The Revelation:

The admission comes from Apple finally! It has declared that it uses the services from Google Cloud to make its iCloud powerful. It also uses the same to strengthen its storage system for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Hence,such a big announcement made Diane Greene grin from ear to ear.


  • Apple used the reference of Google Cloud Platform in one of its documents. After the reference, Apple admitted that it has been using Google Cloud. This proved that Apple is a customer of Google Cloud.
  • CNBC’s Jordan Novet was the first person who spotted the reference of Google.
  • Before Apple’s admission, in 2016, it became public that Apple has been using the services of Google Cloud. However, Apple kept its mouth shut on this and did not confirm the news.
  • During the same time, analysts said that Apple spent around $1 billion a year with Amazon. They also estimated that Apple has invested between $400 million and $600 million a year.
  • In order to store the encrypted chunks of iPhone and iPad, Apple uses Google Cloud Platform.
  • Hence, you should understand that the files that your backup in iCloud go to Google and Amazon clouds.
  • It is noteworthy in this matter that Apple did not mention Amazon in the document. It mentioned S3 instead of Amazon. Unlike Amazon, it had no option but to mention the name of Google Cloud because Google Cloud is officially known as Google Cloud Platform.
  • The name of Microsoft is not there in the document which is also quite surprising.


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