Are You Experiencing Frequent Pins And Needles?

Are you experiencing frequent tingling in your hands and legs? If you are, then it can actually indicate a lot of issues related to your health. Sometimes when you don’t move your hands for a long time, and then when you do it then you find that your legs and hands have literally fallen asleep. If you are experiencing this, then it is obvious that you are experiencing pins and needles. The tingling sensation and the numbness can be very painful at times. We all have experienced pins and needles at some point in our life; however the sensation does not go away easily. The sensation can be prolonged at times. Have you ever wondered why the sensation that happens in our limbs so painful? The nerves experience pressure and this pressure can be of many types.

The causes behind the pins and needles are listed below:
  • Pressure Exerted Directly: Suppose you are sitting in an awkward position for a long time, you can experience pins and needles. If you sit crossed legged for a long time or if you wear tight shoes, you can experience it too.  Once the pressure is released, the sensation goes away and you feel better after a while. The blood circulation needs to be revived which will happen with proper movement and stretching
  • Nerve Trapped By Muscles or Bones: If one or more of your nerves get trapped by bones or muscles, then you can experience pins and needles. You can experience this tingling experience due to a trapped nerve. Along with the tingling, you can experience prolonged numbness and pain too.  In case, if you are suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome, slipped disc or spinal stenosis, then in that case you can experience this situation often.
  • Diabetes: The primary disease that can damage your blood vessels completely is DiabetesProper circulation of blood is not possible if you have high blood sugar levels. Due to peripheral neuropathy, this can cause prolonged pins and needles. Get your diabetes treated with medication and stay away from pins and needles.
  • Nerve Disease: Do you know that there are many causes behind the nerve diseases like stroke, brain tumours and sclerosis. In these conditions, you can experience pins and needles. Alcohol abuse is also the reason behind pins and needles.
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