Asana Unveils The Slack Integration For Bringing Team

Asana is the leading global collaboration hub. It is the fastest growing apps for teams of work management. They unveiled the all-new integration of slack. This took place in San Francisco at the conference of inaugural slack spec. Asana rebuilt the slack integration that leverages the new actions of slack. It will also connect task with the customer’s conversation in slack. Slack and Asana are sharing the belief of teamwork. They are leading the way together to perform great things. They are moving faster together.

Asana unveils the slack integration which can help with certain ideas

They will make it easy in-

Turning conversations and ideas into actions- Slack has the capability of evolving into new deliverables. Now people can easily convert the action items into tasks of Asana which is trackable.

Taking action on the task of Asana without exiting the slack- Customers can now modify details and complete tasks. The modifying of details include details like due date, assignee or open the task in Asana. Customers can easily stay in their workflow because there is no need of switching between tools.

Getting updates on projects and task which Asana manages- Everyone can stay up to date with the progress of Asana without leaving the slack. They will get a notification for personal updates on your tasks. They may also get a notification while setting up a channel of slack for specific projects.

The necessity of Slack Integration

Fast moving teams often communicate among themselves with the help of real-time message tools. Not only they have to talk but also have to coordinate their work. So because of the slack integration they can track progress, manage execution and can also make an adjustment to the change in things.

Alex hood is the product head of Asana. According to him, they are empowering to do things together. About half or maybe, more than that amount of customers of Asana uses slack. So these two must work effortlessly together to platform innovations.

The new slack integration of Asana allows a team in taking actions on updates of Asana. They can even turn the slack messages into tasks of Asana. The customer is asking for this only. The team of Food Network depends on slack for real-time communication. They also depend on Asana for coordinating their work. So we can hope the slack integration of Asana to be a successful attempt.

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