Bad Weather Southern US Might Cancel Your Journey

Norwesters will hit The US this week once again. Following the warning, the flights are either cancelled or delayed in The US. The airline disruption will create a mayhem in the country.

The country was hit by a terrible storm less than a week.  Once again, the warning says that The US will suffer from heavy snowfall once again.

The following tells you about the airline travel advice:

Alaska Airlines

Flights will be delayed or even cancelled because of Winter Storm Quinn.The Alaska Airlines has requested the passengers to keep an eye on the flight status. The Airlines is giving waiver to the passengers if they wish to cancel or change or postpone their travel.

Delta Airlines

Delta has made a press release on March 07, 2018. According to the press release due to the falling of snow, Delta cancelled around 360 Delta Connection regional flights. There are chances of further cancellations and delay. The crew of Delta is working towards de-icing of flights presently.

The new warning will bring more snowfall. In addition, the Detroit hub is also hit by the storm. There will be light snowfall throughout the day. On Monday, it issued a waiver for its New England and Northeast airports. The weather waiver is applicable for the following airports:

  • Maine,
  • Bangor and Portland
  • Manchester,
  • Burlington

To get the latest update, the N.H. customers are asked to check or the Fly Delta Mobile App.

As soon as Delta Airlines got the warnings, they hired Delta employees from other airports for assistance work. They needed extra staffs for customer handling and de-icing.

Frontier Airlines

The adverse weather conditions compelled Frontier Airlines to either cancel or delay the flights. Passengers who are scheduled to travel between March7 and 8th 2018 can enjoy a waiver owing to the warning given by the Meteorological Department. As per the Frontier Airlines, they are allowed to make one change in their itinerary.

Make a note of the following flights that have been cancelled on Wednesday, March 7, 2018:

  • Flight 1462 ATL LGA
  • Flight 649 LGA CVG
  • Flight 884 MIA TTN
  • Flight 1776 MCO TTN
  • Flight 1016 TPA PHL
  • Flight 1000 MIA PHL

Hawaiian Airlines

The airlines have requested the guests to check for getting regular updates about flights.

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