Best Road Trips in India

For travellers the journey is always much more exciting rather than to reach the destination, and if the journey becomes picturesque then it is an additional enhancing experience. In India there are many highways connecting two cities which are adventurous, serene and has various mysteries which have always attracted travellers all over the globe and even the local people. Generally it is seen that in youth people try taking regular road trips for weekends, and sometimes quite dangerous ones just for fun, but slowly with the growing age and maturity and above all family responsibilities these fun times are lessen. Then you start missing those nostalgic moments with your friends which is now just a memory.

So in these last few months of the year and also for the future, plan for a great and adventurous trip with your buddies should be planned. Rather than enjoying the tourist destinations why not try on going for a few interesting road trips around the nation, where the journey would be much more mesmerizing than the destination. Let us explore and now more about the four best road trips you can have around the country, with your childhood pals you’re your funky college group, to revisit those fun days which you all now lack of.

 The Four Best Road Trips of The Nation
The Pink City Jaipur To The Land Of The Majestic Tiger, Ranthambore

The western India has truly few places which are full of mystery and heritage in a very unique mixture, making it a perfect travelling journey and destination. If you are a local of Jaipur then it is an added bonus, but although if you are from a different city just take the pain to reach Jaipur with your pals and from there you can hire a car for this spectacular journey. Start early in the morning from Jaipur the Pink City and crossing the lavish yellow pearls of the mustard fields with the hint of fresh air , what else would be perfect for a holiday journey with your loved ones. It would be advisable to take the state highway number 24 and make a small stoppage at the Bassi wildlife sanctuary which would be on your way to Ranthambore. You can also make a small stoppage at a small village named Lasot and have some local food to get energized and happy with the ongoing chit chats and memories sharing with your friends. The approximate time taken from Jaipur to Ranthambore is three hours and the distance is 145 kilometers.

The Four Best Road Trips of The Nation

The Sweet Destination Kolkata To The Spiritual Destination Varanasi

One is the epitome of culture and food, Kolkata and the other is the epitome of spiritualism, Varanasi so the road trip would be unique and different from the other trips around the nation. It is known that Kolkata is connected by road to many major cities of the nation and each of the highways provide smooth and different journey experience to the travellers. So in the coming holidays before or after the Durga Pooja or Diwali catch up with your friends and make a trip from Kolkata to Varanasi. The distance is around 683 kilometers which can be finished in nine hours of journey with a break to take rest and visit some interesting places on the way. One of the stop would be Dhanbad, where you can stay for some time and even start your spiritual journey by visiting the famous Kalyaneshwari Temple.

The Four Best Road Trips of The Nation

The Rainy City Dehradun To The Trekker’s Paradise Nainital

In the coming holidays if you want to experience a journey amongst the nature and hills then Dehradun to Nainital would be the one journey for you and your friends. Adorned by the Himalayas at one side and the oak forests and mountain streams on the other side this route would surely make you and your friends fall in love with nature again. The approximate distance between these two hilly regions is 274 kilometers and it takes around five hours in total to reach Nainital. On the way you can take a small stop by at the Gateway of the Himalayas, Najibabad for some sightseeing of old historical monuments and forts.

The Four Best Road Trips of The Nation

The Business City Ahmedabad To The White Salt Dessert Kutch

This journey from the western business city of Ahmedabad to the Kutch the white spread sand dessert would be a memorable journey for you and your pals. Enjoy the cultural and colorful life on the way towards Kutch with the bohemian lifestyle of the people there. The nearby handicrafts villages of Naktarana, Hodko and Nirona would surely help you to enhance your experience of this road trip. It takes around eight hours from the city of Ahmedabad to Kutch with the distance of approximately, 381 kilometers. Do make stop by at Dhangadhra a passing village towards Kutch and visit some old temples and mosques of the region.

Some Essential Tips For The Road Trip

  • Before starting the trip do take enough rest so that you can drive the long journey enjoying them rather feeling tiered
  • Do get your car or bike checked and full tank of fuel so that you have a hassle free trip, also get your vehicle checked
  • Carry light luggage, just enough to cover the trip
  • Lastly fully charge your phones and cameras to capture those moments of the trip which would become eternal memories
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