BJPs Big Success In Tripura

The BJP wins in the first electoral contest in Tripura. BJPs battle was against the political Left. However, winning by a two-third majority, BJP victory was indeed an ideological one.

BJPs Role

The win of BJP did not come to them just like that. Although the CPM witnessed the winning, but little could they do about the entire matter. In the recent times, BJP has played a pivotal role in the north eastern states.

They have picked up several vital issues and worked on them.  The country follows the 7th Pay Commission while paying salary however, the government was still paying the salary following the 4th Pay Commission in the state of Tripura.  This issue caught the eyes of BJP and it became its prime concern. Hence, we can say BJP started its work since 2016 and tried to make its base in the north-eastern states.

The Former RSS Pracharak

The BJP Tripura incharge the the former RSS pracharak played a critical role in the win of BJP. He knew what victory meant to the party. Hence, BJP will soon become the most dominant political party that would rule the north-eastern states. He was exhilarated at the win of the party. He said that BJP has been able to break the Communist spine. This was extremely essential for BJP. 

The Party Was Built

The RSS considers the Northeast states very significant. It is primarily because of China and Bangladesh. In addition, the influx of Bangaladeshi Muslims and conversions to Christianity, the states have become important.

During the early 90s, the Sangh said that each Northeast states will be adopted by another state.

  • Assam was handed over to Kerala
  • Manipur give to Karnataka
  • Meghalya, Mizoram and Nagaland was given to Maharashtra
  • Arunchal was handed over to Vidarbha
  • Tripura to West Bengal

This was done because the states have similarity in cultures.

The Vote of The Tribes

BJP knew that it could win without the tribal vote from the beginning. That is why, it got in touch with the IPFT (Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura).  During the Agartala violence of August 2016, BJP instigates the riots between IPFT workers and CPM.

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