Branson is Planning To Price The Hyperloop Trip At a Lower Rate Than Flight in India

Richard Branson is planning a way through India. This will make travelling through Hyperloop trip cheaper than that of a flight. The British tycoon is backing up the futuristic transportation company, Virgin Hyperloop One. They are aiming at building a high-speed pod that will carry cargo and people across India.

The verdict of Harj Dhaliwal regarding the Hyperloop trip

They are looking to make the price as low as possible. Mainly they are aiming to mark the price lesser than flight fares. However, the fares will be costlier than the first-class train coaches. All these are according to the verdict of the managing director Harj Dhaliwal. He is the managing director for India and the Middle East.

According to him, India is a market of super price sensitive. The company is in a process of modelling prices. The prices will be as low as possible to increase the demands.

Technology and pricing of the Hyperloop trip

The company is Los Angeles based. They are working basically on magnetic levitation technology and tubes of low-pressure. This will help in achieving speeds like that of an aeroplane.

Branson is pitching the concept of Hyperloop trip to Indian authorities. This is fixing the infrastructure bottlenecks of the South Asian countries. According to a hyperloop trip test, the speed is reaching 240 miles per hour. According to the website they are planning for the system of three productions by 2021 in service.

Branson signed an agreement for a broad Hyperloop framework in Mumbai. This agreement is preliminary. They are targeting to roll the Hyperloop between two cities in India by 2025. They will moot the Mumbai Pune system and this will reduce the time of travelling to 25 minutes.

The price of flight fare from Mumbai to Pune will cost 10,000 rupees if booked before a week. The first-class train will cost 1,165 rupees for the 90-kilometre trip. So they are trying to make it affordable at a price lower than that of the flight.

The verdict of different peoples regarding Hyperloop trip

According to Antony the idea of Hyperloop trip is an excellent one. This is excellent only if they are developing a mass transport mode.

Josh Giegel is the chief technology officer and co-founder. According to him, they are aiming to build a national network. They are wishing for showcasing their capabilities through the route of Mumbai Pune in India.

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