CBSE Board Exams Starts From This March

The CBSE Board Examination starts from March 5, 2018. With the Board Exams around the corner, the students are busy preparing the last minute. However, it won’t be too easy to score 90 percent if you are not studying throughout the year. Also, if you are revising what you have learned throughout the year, then it is also possible to score good marks. It is not advisable to learn tough topics now. Rather, indulge yourself in good revision.

The Circular Issued By The Central Board Of Secondary Education

The CBSE has issued a circular regarding the carrying of food items to the examination center. It is issued for the Type 1 diabetic candidates. If a student is suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, then he is allowed to carry the following eatables.

  • Fruits such as Banana/Apple/Orange
  • Snacks like sandwich, chocolates or candy
  • A 500 ml bottle of water

However, the students will be asked to submit a medical certificate from a physician preferably a diabetic specialist. He should specify regarding his full history of diabetes and the nature of the disease. The school principal should forward the same to the authorities of the examination center.

The invigilator will keep the eatables with him and hand over to the student when required.

Tips For Class 10 and 12 Students Appearing Board Examination 2018

With the examination knocking your doors, you should be prepared for the examination by now. Here are some tips for the student who will be taking this Examinations.

  • It is good to take help from your friends however, always remember self-study would will help you perform better.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. Hence, your mantra to success should be practice. You can practice questions of last year. Revise the theorems, formulae and derivations.
  • You can take your own test. Suppose you solve a 2 marks questions in 50 seconds at the first attempt. Next time,try to solve it in 30 seconds.
  • It is not at all recommended to learn tough topics now. On the contrary, revise what you have learned.
  • Keep a check on your performance. Therefore, give several tests before appearing for the finals.
  • You should stop spending your precious time on social media. Instead, indulge yourself in studies.
  • Last but not the least, drink water as much as possible. It will keep your hydrated.
  • Last but not the least, keep your anxiety away and relax.


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