China offering Visa-Free Travel To Its Southern Islands of Hainan

The policy of China which includes Visa-free travel to its own Hawaii

On this Wednesday dated as 18th of April 2018 China gave an announcement. This announcement includes the permit of Visa-free travel to its southern island of Hainan. Beijing is pushing international tourism towards a tropical destination. This is another step for opening up the region.

From May month this new policy will begin. This policy will allow travellers to visit Hainan freely for 30 days without any Visa. This Visa-free travel includes traveller from 59 different countries. Qu Yunhai is the deputy director of State Immigration Administration. He gave announcement for this policy at a press conference. The press conference took place at Beijing only.

Xinhua is an official news agency. According to Xinhua, the policy includes many countries. The policy includes countries like United States, Germany, Russia, Britain and France. The new rule is offering Hainan with less stringent of visa requirement. The stringent of visa requirement is less than rest of China where travelers will be applying for the visas. Chinese consulates will help in applying for visas.

The reason for opening the Visa-free travel policy

The main reason for Visa-free travel policy is to approach one step further to open islands to the outside world. China is using this policy to remake the island as a trade zone which is free.

There was an announcement on this Monday that is on 16th of April 2018. The announcement includes the development of island for horse racing. It will also explore the opening of new types of lotteries. This lottery is having a connection with international competition and sports.

The main motive of Beijing is to make Hainan as the centre of international tourism consumption. There are sandy beaches and a number of plush resorts as well. It attracted few travellers or visitors in 2016 than a million foreign visitors.

China’s State Immigration Administration is a new agency. During a Government shuffle announced in March, the formation of new agency took place. This new agency is implementing the new policy. This Visa-free travel to Hainan will benefit the international tourism.

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