Cleanest River of India Umangot River

Do you know about a river which floats between India and Bangladesh? It is Umngot River. Basically its origin is in India. So it is a river in India which is so clean.  You can literally see it’s bottom. The cleanest river of India is Umngot River.

Umngot flows through Dawki, a busy trade route between India and Bangladesh and a small but busy town in the East Jaintia Hills district near the Indo-Bangladesh border. So basically this river originates from Meghalaya (India) because Dawki is in Meghalaya from where it originates. It is a place where every tourist visits during his trip to north-east India. The water of this river is so clean and clear that when seen from a distance, it appears as if the boat is floating in mid-air. One can easily see the bottom of the river because no garbage is there in the river.

This river is full of variety of fishes. So fishing is a very common sight in this river. As we already told you that Umngot gateway is in Bangladesh so both country enjoys its clean water and fishing without any disturbance and harm. According to locals, Bangladeshi fishermen would once cross over to the Indian side to catch fish and collect sand and stones but that is no longer allowed. Locals residing along with the river are very attentive towards its cleanness. They strictly look after every activity of visitors. They stop visitors if they creates and throw garbage.

One can see the marine life of this river very easily. Fishes, under water plantsstones and crabs are commonly visible from a boat due to clean water of river.  Boats on hire are available to enjoy the mesmerized beauty of Umngot River.


The Umngot River is on the way from Shillong to Dawki. One can easily walk from the market place of Dawki to the river Umngot. Nearest airport of Dawki is at Guwahati which has direct flights to all other major cities of the country. Although Guwahati is almost 200km far away from Dawki, but you can easily come here with the help of Taxi Service and buses. By train your journey will become incredible. Nearest railway station is also in Guwahati. This place is well connected with superfine roads.

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