Daler Mehndi Jailed for Two Years

Punjabi Pop-Singer Daler Mehndi is a very famous personality of Bollywood. A court in Patiala on Friday (16-04-2018) convicted him in a human trafficking case of 2003. He was taken into custody by the Punjab Police. But soon after it, he has been granted bail.

Case 2003 against Daler Mehndi: –

Daler Mehndi and his brother, Shamsher Singh, had been accused of illegally sending people abroad by charging hefty passage money. Mehandi brothers had taken big amount from them to help them migrate to the US illegally, but failed to do so. Some other reports also claimed that Daler Mehndi, his brother Shamsher with his group had taken two troupes in 1998 and 1999 to the US and illegally dropped off about 10 people there.

The case was registered in 2003 in Patiala. But after that Daler and his partners subsequently arrested and released on bail after a few days. A complainant alleged that the accused had taken Rs 1 crore from them, and even failed to return the money when they failed to do so.

Along with this other 32 more complaints were registered against two brothers and their company fir fraud. After the case was registered in Patiala (Pb), Patiala Police had even raided the offices of Daler Mehndi at Connaught Place in New Delhi and seized the office.  Police found file of those who had paid the alleged passage money to Mehndi brothers. According to Police there are sufficient evidences against Daler Mehndi and Shamsher who passed away last year in 2017.

Who is Daler Mehndi: –

Daler Singh, known by his stage name “Daler Mehndi“, 18 August 1967 born is an Indian singer, songwriter and a stage performer who credited with making Bhangra popular worldwide. He was born in Patna, Bihar.  He is very famous singer with a melodious voice.

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