Dalit Protest Against Dilution of SC/ST Act

Dait Act Dilution creating a trouble now days in India. Dalit communities have organized mass protests against the alleged “dilution” of the SC/ST Act by Supreme Court. On Monday (02-04-2017) nationwide “bandh” called by several Dalit communities. Main cities of the states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Odisha and Jharkhand affected most by this Dalit communities protest.

On Monday (02-04-2017) “Bharat Bandh” turned violent as people resorted to stone pelting, damaging properties across various states. Hundreds of protesters were carrying swords, sticks, and baseball bats in several states today. Situations get worst in the states like MP, UP etc. some of the states ordered to close educational institutions. Some political leaders also support this Dalit protest for dilution of SC/ST act. Transportation is highly affected by this Dalit protest in all over the country. Almost 7 people killed in Madhya Pradesh and many injuries recorded because of Dalit Protest.

What is SC/ST Act?

In the year 1989, Scheduled Caste /Scheduled Tribes [Prevention of Atrocities] Act, also known as Dalit Act, came into practice. The Dalit Act or SC/ST act primarily targets injustice meted out to members of the Dalit/Tribe communities. Overall we can say this act protects the rights of Dalit communities. Vision of this act was very clear and manner full.

Why Supreme Court is Diluting SC/ST Act?

The Supreme Court had recently banned automatic arrests and registration of criminal cases under the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989. According to Supreme Court “Dalit Act” is misusing for harassing “Innocent People”. On March 20th, 2018 the Supreme Court said that a public servant can only be arrested under the SC/ST Act after approval of the appointing authority. A non-public servant can be arrested after approval by a senior superintendent of police. Along with this SC is also retiring the “Abuse of Law” under SC/ST Act.

According to the data of the cases which registered under SC/ST Act found true but with insufficient proofs.  Along with this large number of cases were said to be “mistake of facts”. But the number of cases under this act is increasing day by day and year by year. Charge sheet rate of these cases is 77% and conviction rate is only 15%.

So according to the Supreme Court dilution of SC/ST act is very important.

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