Dementia Risk Can Raise The Blood Pressure to The 50 Year Olds

There are many people who go through different problems in their life. This is because of the lack of time in performing exercises. However, one must look after themselves to survive and fight all the obstacles. Fifty years old person can also go through dementia with a slight increase in the blood pressure. All these are according to the suggestion of the new study regarding dementia. They may also have a greater risk even if they don’t have any heart-related problems. According to the studies the dementia is related to only the age group of 50 and not 60 or 70.

Different verdicts of different people regarding dementia

Dr Jessica Abell is a paper author and an associate of research involving dementia. She belongs to University College London. According to him, this disease is related to the midlife eras. She stated that according to the previous researches there was no link between dementia and raised blood pressure directly. All these are according to the examination time of sufficient details. They found different patterns of association after examining the association at the age of 50, 60 and 70. They will be having implications for guidelines policy. However, this currently uses the generic term midlife.

Prof Archana Singh is the professor at UCL. She laid research and said that the detrimental effects of hypertension in midlife are a risk to dementia. The risk for this disease may increase in people who have a tendency of rising systolic blood pressure.

There are many possible reasons for the link. This can damage from silent or mini-strokes. These often have many unnoticed symptoms and have a link with the high blood pressure. However, there is a cure for all these problems.

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