Donald Trump Rails Immigration Policies Against California

There was a hammering on California by Donald Trump for its so-called immigration policies. This will embolden midterm election for base leading. Donald Trump surrounded himself with sheriffs, mayors and other local leaders during the debate over immigration were heating up. The debate took place on Capitol Hill.

Sheriffs, mayors and other local leaders of California applauded the administration’s hard-line efforts. They opposed the immigration policies of the state.

Different verdicts regarding the immigration policies

Melissa Melendez is the Assemblywoman of California. She said about the right of Republican resistance in California. She also said that the policies and president were popular in the state than the realization of people.

There was reply against the signed legislation into the law. Gov. Jerry Brown set the law. According to the law, police will not ask people about their status of immigration. Police will also not help the agents of federal for immigration enforcement.

Effect of Jerry Brown

A major effect took place on 1st January due to the legislation of Gov. Jerry Brown. This does not play a role in preventing the immigration officials of federals from performing their duty. But the administration of Trump reversed it. He called the policies dangerous and unconstitutional. San Diego and Orange gave a vote for supporting the lawsuit. They also voted for to support the passing of the own anti-sanctuary resolutions.

According to the Republicans, it is a backlash to the law. Moreover, the law was the potentially galvanizing issue while the midterm elections were going on. In recent months Trump held numerous events. During the events, he draws attention to California’s policies.

During the session on Wednesday that is on 16th of May 2018 , he thanked the officials for resisting the law. According to Donald Trump, these laws are forcing to release the illegal immigrant drug dealer, gang members and other criminals. According to Trump, it is also providing some safe harbour for violent offenders on Earth.

Feinstein also issued a statement that accused Trump. He said that the administration of Trump is an attempt to divide California and all Americans.

So the immigration policies by Trump are not at all gaining support from other leaders and mayors. Instead, they are going against Trump. Everyone is afraid that the policy can raise the number of criminals in the societies.

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