Don’t Travel Shimla in This Summer Season

Don’t travel Shimla in this summer season for a lot of reasons. Shimla is always be the first preference of tourists from India as well as from the outside also. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh which is famous for its beauty,culture and weather. But in this summer there is a big no no for Shimla. All conditions which makes Shimla as high demanded place by tourists are making opposite impact and saying don’t travel Shimla in this summer.

Reasons for Not Travelling Shimla in This Summer

There are so many up and downs in the city and in its surrounding place which will ruin your holidays in this summer. So here are some reasons why don’t travel Shimla in this summer.

Heavy Fire in Forest

Nowdays heavy forest fire is reported in Shimla, Kasuli, Solan ans its other surrounded places. This fire is heating up the city temperature and breaking all records of hot temperature in the city. Shimla is first the choice of tourists because of its pleasant weather and cool and calm temperature. But if you are planning to travel Shimla for good weather you will be highly disappointed with the present condition of the city.

No Drinking Water Supply in the City

Due to bad weather conditions and fire in the forest the water resources of the city are disappearing day by day. There is almost no water supply in the city from last 10 days. People of Shimla are facing a big problem over there. Government is providing drinking water from tankers to Shimla’s citizens. So it is highly requested by the people of Shimla to tourists that don’t travel Shimla in this summer because it may be increase the problem of insufficient drinking water supply.

Dangerous Kalka- Shimla Toy Train Route

People who wish to visit Shimla always opt Toy train to travel. Toy Train experience is always very pleasant for tourist. People can enjoy the train’s ride with beautiful side scene of hills also. But due to forest-fire the toy train route is becoming dangerous for tourists. Fired plants and tree are laying on the track all of a sudden which can cause a harm and causing long delays in your journey also.

Huge Parking Problem in Himachal

City is facing a huge parking problem at this summer season time. this problem is increasing day by day and people of Shimla are preferring local buses to travel from one place to another. Most of the parking areas can be seen full all the time. Even Government and some private bodies are building new parking area but always in the months of summers city faced parking problem very badly. So if you will visit the city with your own vehicle you will face a big problem of parking. even the hotel are also facing the space problem for parking the tourists vehicles. Most of the hotels in Shimla are not offering free car parking to guests.

Very High Prices

Hill-stations are always be a little costly in season time. But in Shimla you have to pay great prices for even non deserving things. The hotels in Shimla charged a lot from tourists in Season time. Even in surrounding places water bottles, taxi services and fast food services are quit costly. The prices which the vendors are offering for their commodities are totally non deserving. You can hardly find something on reasonable rates with good quality.

These are some reasons which force you to don’t travel Shimla in this summer. May be time will change some of the environmental points over there. But prices, drinking water supply and parking problem is a great concern for state’s tourist department also.

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