Electric Cars Might Rule The Market Soon

Planning to buy a brand-new car? But, petrol and diesel cars might become obsolete as we all know that electric car is what India desires to embrace. India is moving ahead on the path of enhancing the electric mobility. The automakers are all set to introduce electric mobility in India and they seem to be on a roller coaster ride to embrace the same.  By 2018, it has been estimated that quite a lot of electric cars are going to hit the Indian roads and more charging stations will come up in India.  Hence, it is recommended not to buy petrol or diesel cars now. Go for the electric vehicles instead.

Here, we come up with the reasons why should you wait for the electric cars and put our decision off buying diesel and petrol cars:

Government’s Support

To bring electric cars to the Indian market, it would certainly need a big push. Although M&M have started selling electric cars in India, however, the government should play an active role and lead the path and encourage the car manufacturers to start manufacturing electric cars. The government has already started to encourage the car manufacturers in India. The private companies are manufacturing around 10000 electric cars; the orders of which have been placed by the government. The order that came from the government will certainly act as a booster in the market. These cars will be leased out by Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EEFL) to the government departments.

Growth Of Infrastructure

The biggest problem in India is the scarcity of the charging centres. With hardly any charging infrastructure, electric vehicles are difficult to run on the roads. However, due to the huge government order, charging stations are bound to come up and hence infrastructure will grow. Compared to the fuel stations, there are only 200 charging stations in India. India’s first oil marketing company, Indian Oil Corporation is all set to form a charging station at a petrol pump in Nagpur. By the next year, more such charging stations are likely to come up in India.

The Leaders Lead The Way

Recently, the Japanese automakers Suzuki Motor and Toyota Motor have agreed to manufacture and sell electric cars in India in a span of three years. Since such big companies have involved themselves, India will soon adopt the change.

The Trend In The Industry

Aligned with the needs of the Indian market, Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) is working on an electric vehicle strategy. This might really help India grow in the manufacture and use of electric vehicles.

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