Elringklinger is Supplying The Battery System For Sono Motor’s Solar Car

From the year 2020 solar car and an electric car can halt the demand for growth in oil. This is according to a new report. There is also an estimation which says that that polluting fuels will be losing 10 percent of market share. A 10 percent loss is more than enough for a coal mining industry to collapse.

By the year 2035, solar vehicles and electric vehicles will make up 35 percent of the market of road transport. It will also limit the rise of global temperature between 2.4 and 2.7-degree centigrade.

Elringklinger is supplying the battery system for Sono Motor’s solar car. These cars will come to market by the year 2019. They will surely take the market depending on the quality they are providing.

Sono Motor’s solar car is ready to hit the market by 2019

Elringklinger wins a seven hundred million euro contract. The contract is to supply battery system for an all-electric Sono Motor’s solar car. Sono Motor is setting up the startup. The German automotive supplier stated this on Wednesday that is on 9th of May.

German is wishing to launch a total of one million electric cars in the market. They want it on road by the year 2020. According to Government, they were ready in offering this offer in April.

Sono Motor is a Munich-based company. It got its establishment in the year 2016. They are developing the Sion. Sion is an all-electric based vehicle. It is having solar cells in its body. Solar power will charge the car. It may also receive charge from other electric cars or conventional power.

Other important points related to Sono Motor’s solar car

Sono Motor is offering a battery life of up to 250 kilometres. After running a distance of 250 kilometres the car needs charging. Sono Motors gave an order of seven hundred million euro. This offer is over a period of eight years. The production will start from the second half of the year 2019.

According to Sono, there is an offer of 4000 Sono Motor’s solar car. They are aiming at starting the selling process from next year. Shares of Elringklinger are generating annual revenue of around 1.7 billion euros. 3 percent to 15.74 euros are at 0820 GMT.

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