Find It Difficult To Get Apartments On Rent

Across the major cities of India, unmarried or single people often face problems while finding an apartment on rent.  It sometimes becomes an ordeal for people who are single to find an apartment as singles are often denied apartments for a livingLiving single is a lifestyle statement and if you are living single you are not committing any kind of crime by any means. However, according to copywriter Ramneit Mukherjee, it was really difficult to find an apartment on rent when he tried to settle in Gurgaon for a job.

According to a pan-India survey by Track2Realty, it has been found that around 82% of people who lead a single life have found it difficult to get an apartment on rent. Besides the small towns, top 10 cities of India also suffer from the same problem.

Reasons For Denying Apartments On Rent For Singles

There are many housing societies that pass diktats due to which the landlords are unable to rent out their apartments to singles.  This kind of policy has been framed so that the apartments do not turn into hostels as the housing societies do not want their premises to be used as hostels.  Also, the flat owners are fearful about the payment as the students do not have too many possessions and hence they can leave the apartment anytime without paying the rent.  For single women, the situation is worse as landlords are of the idea that single women should opt for working women’s hostels instead of living in rental apartments.  There are instances of many women who could not get a rental apartment and finally opted for the option of living as a paying guest.

What Does The Law Say:

If we look at the law, we will find it has been stated quite clearly however, nobody follows the same.  As per the law of the land, no landlord has any right to discriminate against tenants on the basis of the status of the tenant.  However, the fact is the Indian cities do not want to rent out the apartments to tenants who live a single life.

Challenges Of Single Tenants:

  1. The most ineligible set of tenants for landlords are people who live a single life.
  2. Single tenants often have to come across uncomfortable questions about their lifestyle.
  3. Legal safeguards are also few for single tenants.
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