Massive Fire in Delhi Malviya Nagar Lasts for 20 Hours

Massive fire in Delhi Malviya Nagar recorded from last night (29-05-2018) to till now. The blaze started around 5 pm in South Delhi when first a truck caught fire which soon spread into a rubber godown. Massive fire in Delhi Malviya Nagar was getting out of control. But now Air Force of India is taking care of the situation. The fire now successfully doused. Cooling operations are underway.

Today (30-05-2018) Mi-17 helicopter of the Air Force made several sorties to pour water to contain what has been classified as the massive blaze in the national capital Delhi. Massive Fire in Delhi Malviya Nagar did a great property loss.

Glance on Massive Fire in Delhi Malviya Nagar Incident

The fire started around 5 pm on Tuesday in the warehouse at Khirki Extension, a crowded residential part of Malviya Nagar. A truck loaded with rubber material parked near the godown caught fire. Later which spread in no time because of strong winds last night. Plastic and raw material stored in the factory fueled the fire. 80 fire engines sent and firemen were at work all night to stop the blaze. The fire was so strong that it was visible from a very long distance in Delhi.
No injuries recorded in the Massive fire in Delhi Malviya Nagar. But according to the reports one fireman got hurt during this incident. According to the officials it was tough for fire engines to access the narrow and congested lanes of the area.

According to the NDTV Report, AAP legislator Saurabh Bhardwaj alleged that many illegal warehouses and factories operating in residential areas and if these overlooked, many disasters waiting to happen. He also said that the local AAP councillor complained to south Delhi municipal officials, but no action was taken.

This massive fire in Delhi Malviya Nagar caused a great tension in its surrounding places and even in Government also. Hope Government and local bodies will take necessary step soon to avoid such incidence.

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