Former CEO of Visa UK is Joining a Startup Crypterium

Marc O’Brien is the former CEO of Visa UK. He is joining a new startup crypterium. The new startup is to ensure that people can spend crypto in an occurrence of every day. Marc O’Brien led Visa Ireland and the UK from the year 2008 to 2014. He is joining crypterium as CEO.

Last year the startup incorporated in Estonia. It raised a total of $52 million at the end of the last year through ICO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering.

About the startup crypterium and how will it be helpful

A group of entrepreneurs found this startup. The main motive of the startup crypterium is to make it easy for paying with cryptocurrency. According to Marc O’Brien, this must be easy to pay in an everyday situation like the bitcoins. In recent days it is difficult to use cryptocurrency as an everyday payment method.

Now for exchanging the money of bitcoins through normal bank account takes 3 to 7 days. What will be the job of startup crypterium now is the main question. It will serve the normal people with the seamless process.

The startup crypterium will also create an opportunity for the consumer to pay for everyday items. Sheffield Haworth is the executive recruiter. He searched and hired Marc 0’Brien. According to Marc O’Brien, they are basically searching for financial services team which is having experience.

The main motive of the startup crypterium

Now the crypterium is hoping to partner either Mastercard or Visa. This partnership will help them in launching virtual cards or cryptocurrency cards. According to Marc O’Brien, the virtual card will be having a link with the wallet. While transactions the card will receive a request in their system. After checking that the bitcoin account is having sufficient balance they will allow the transactions through it.

This will take place within few seconds. They are basically looking forward to making it a global operated business. The startup crypterium is taking the advice of the top level to structure themselves. They will launch this in US, Singapore, Latin America along with an appropriate and right license.

There is a team of 3 people of crypterium in London. In Moscow, the team constitutes 10 people. According to Marc O’Brien, they are considering this as offices in Singapore, New York and Miami. They are hoping to launch their first products by autumn.

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