From The Real Estate Sector, Haryana Earned Rs 1000 Crore in Revenue

The government blamed few bad builders for the real estate sector. Hardeep Singh Puri is the Housing and Urban affairs minister. According to him, there was a set up of advisory committees. These advisory committees will address the problems that the homebuyers and developers are facing.

He gave assurance of sorting out the problems to the real estate builders. The construction sector is a great deal to the GDP of the nation and also to the employment creation. There were few builders of real estate that brought bad names for the sector. Depending on the provision of the law of land, Government will take strict action.

Rajeev Talwar is the chairman of NARDECO Haryana. In his welcome address, the chairman demanded. They demanded the Government come out for rescuing those real estate developers and builders. These builders are those whose land parcels are in mortgage on pretext by various states. This can delay the completion of the project and halt the development of real estate in the country. Meanwhile, From the real estate sector, Haryana earned Rs 1000 crore in revenue.

Haryana earned Rs 1000 crore revenue

Abhimanyu Sing is the finance minister of Haryana. On Friday that is on 1st of June according to the statement of Abhimanyu Singh, Haryana earned Rs 1000 crore in revenue. Haryana earned Rs 1000 crore which include the amount of Rs 300 crore. In the last few months, Haryana received Rs 300 crore from Gurugram district. They received the amount from the real estate developers and builders.

According to the minister, the State Government is putting an integrated licensing policy. Not only licensing policies, they also are putting a number of policies. These policies are related to the building suitable infrastructure which is across Haryana. The policies were, particularly in the Gurugram district. They also blamed the sector. The blaming was for not availing the benefits related to such policy measures.

There was a session of Global Investment which is “Haryana Reality Developing an inclusive and Sustainable Reality Market”. He addressed to this summit’s session. By addressing this summit session he gave an assurance. The assurance was that the Government will be continuing in holding the real estate developers and builders. They will hold them for ensuring the affordable housing for the normal people.

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