Gatwick Chaos in The Airport : Don’t Travel To Brighton as Per The Southern

Gatwick chaos in the airport

According to the advice of the Southern, no people should travel to Gatwick. Gatwick chaos took place on this Monday that is on 6th of May. Because of the Bank holidays, many people travelled to Gatwick but there was no direct train. Because of engineering fault, there was no direct train to London.

There is an absolute chaotic atmosphere in the Gatwick. There was an overcrowding. This is because of the replacement of rail services. The replacement of rail services was on the mainline of Brighton.

The verdict of the National rail due to Gatwick chaos

According to the national rail, people are waiting for two hours. This is to board the replacement buses. The disruption will take place until Monday that is on 7th of May according to the expectations.

There is an overcrowding at the stations. This will result in an extending journey time. There are also cancellations of further bookings from Gatwick airport to London Victoria. The cancellation is to prevent the further overcrowding.

According to the expectations, there will be an extension of the journey time. Moreover, the route will remain extremely busy after 17:00. An engineering fault led to such kind of conditions. There are many people who came to spend splendid time with their family. But because of the Gatwick chaos, they are unable to do it freely.

Conditions of normal people due to Gatwick chaos

According to the advice of the Southern people must not travel to the South coast. The temperature is around 25-degree centigrade. They are doing as much as possible to provide bus services to reduce the crowd.

There are also few workers only, for managing such a huge crowd. Small children are also present in the crowd along with people who are having limited mobility. The buses are running between the stations in place of the trains.

The southern railway is again under attack for failing to provide the required service to the people. The weather is good to enjoy the coast but the Gatwick chaos caused a disruption.

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