Gupta Alleges His Former Wife For Having An Illicit Relationship With Dera Chief

In a very recent interview, the former husband of HoneypreetVishwas Gupta has alleged the Godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and her former wife Honeypreet for having an illegitimate relationship for a long time.

In a press conference, Gupta revealed that Honeypreet was often found sleeping in the cave of Ram Rahim which is headquartered at Sirsa, Haryana. He said that Honeypreet had an illicit relationship with the Dera Chief and had spent many nights sleeping along with Ram Rahim in his bed.  Gupta had spotted her naked with the Baba on many occasions. Baba ordered Gupta to remain out of his room while he and his former wife used to lock the door and spent quality time with each other. Gupta was asked to keep quiet about the whole thing. Adding to this, he said that Ram Rahim did not adopt Honeypreet legally and there had been many occasions when Ram Rahim had threatened to kill him. As per the Dera records, both of them started staying together since 2009 and soon Honeypreet started to play a very significant role in the Dera Management.

Honeypreet, whose actual name is Priyanka Taneja got married with Gupta in 1999. The marriage took place on the direction of Ram Rahim however Gupta was compelled to file a divorce in 2011 and the marriage was soon dissolved. The divorce took place on the grounds of Honeypreet’s illegitimate relationship with the Dera Chief.

There was a time when a fake dowry case was filed against Gupta by the duo just after he filed divorce against his wife on the grounds of adulteration.

Soon Gupta left the Dera headquarters and took shelter in his house in Panchkula however even after moving out his ordeal did not end. Dera Chief kept an eye on the whereabouts of Gupta with the help of some men who were stationed outside Gupta’s house.

He further elaborated that Ram Rahim always used to keep weapons with him to wherever he went and the car he travelled by had a box of arms and weapons in it.  He said that nobody is aware of Ram Rahim’s power and even though he is in jail he can still exercise his power and take his life.

The wanted list in Haryana has Honeypreet’s name in it in the topmost position. She has been absconding since the time Ram Rahim got convicted for conducting two rapes in his Dera.

Presently, The Haryana and Rajasthan Police teams are on the lookout of Honeypreet as she had been evading since 251th August. According to a Senior Official, Ram Rahim’s adopted daughter is believed to be hiding in Sri Gurusar Modia village in Rajasthan and the police have been carrying out a joint search operation to find her.

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