HC Orders to Cut Off Water Supply of Hotels In Shimla

High court orders to cut off water supply of hotels in Shimla due to water crisis. The Himachal High Court said and directed Shimla Municipal Corporation Commissioner to order disconnection of water supply to the hotels who did not clear dues and sought compliance of its order by May 31. Shimla is almost without water from last several days.

Reason to Cut Off Water Supply of Hotels In Shimla

Water crisis is the biggest reason of HC to cut off water supply of hotels in Shimla. Due to insufficient water supply locals are on protest from last several days. The city needs 34 million liters water on daily basis to full fill residential needs. But city has only 19 million liters of water to supply in city. Day by day inadequate water supply disturbing the Shimla people very badly. Even for daily tasks now its been difficult to arrange water in City houses. That is why High court orders to cut off water supply of hotels in Shimla.

Glance on HC Decision

Water supply problem is becoming very big day by day in the city. A bench of some members held to look into the matter and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. The bench noted that there were 224 hotels in town with 527 supply connections. A physical verification is suggested by the bench to see are these hotels are using water as per a sanctioned limit. The court asks Director Tourism to submit their list with full details as soon as possible.

Appeal of Locals

People of Shimla are appealing to tourists not to visit Shimla in this summer season due to strange weather conditions and insufficient water supply. People are in anger because administration is totally failed to resolve their problem of water supply. Protest with empty buckets is in Sanjauli, Kacchi Ghat, Municipal Office and Kart Road Shimla is becoming common these days. There are other reasons also for what tourists should not visit Shimla in this summer. Read the full article on marketupdate.in


According to the experts Shimla is just a beginning. Due to excess population, environment degradation nature is changing in its worst. All natural resources will be vanish soon and may be Shimla Water supply problem is the beginning of disappearing water from earth. Cut off water supply of hotels in Shimla is not a solution.

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