Honeypreet Confessed to Spark Punchkula Riots

Very famous Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan Case and the persons related to Dera Sacha Suda is in lime light since August 2017. After 15 days a new chapter related to this case has been opened by Punchkula Police. Few days back Ram Rahim’s adopted daughter was arrested by police from Punjab. She was disappeared from the day of Ram Rahim Rape case conviction day. She charged with so many allegations which you can read in my article Honeypreet Insan Arrested with marketupdate.in.

Now after she got arrested by the police she has been taken to the remand room, where she investigated by senior police officers. Now police give a report that Honeypreet Insan, the adopted daughter of Ram Rahim paid 1.25 Crore to Dera Sacha Sauda’s Punchkula branch head for riots. Few days back this information was revealed by Ram Rahim’s driver who is also in custody.

Now Honeypreet herself confessed that she prepared the guide maps of Punchkula, where riots taken place after Baba’s conviction in August. According to Punchkula Police the maps and charts are saved in the laptop of Honeypreet.  Police is also hopping that the laptop may contain the details for financial transaction of 1.25 Crore for riots.

But for now police don’t have any proof for this allegation which revealed by the driver and confessed by Honeypreet. Now police is trying their best to recover Honeypreet’s laptop and cell phone.

During the remand period Honeypreet tell so many things to police. She said that she was in Bathinda district with another Dera Follower named Sukhdeep Kaur. She took police to those entire places where she was hiding herself with Sukhdeep after Baba conviction. Sukhdeep and Honeypreet both are in Police custody. Now police is searching for the Laptop and phone of Honeypreet.

This task is not so simple and easy for the police but hope they will succeed in this task. May be it will take time but truth will come in light soon. The family members of those people who lost their lives in riots will be satisfied after the final report. Now wait and see what new we can hear from the persons who are in Jail for this Dera Sacha Suda case.

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