Honeypreet Insan Arrested

Now days Honeypreet Insan is very controversial name. Everybody is looking for this name. honeypreet is “adopted” daughter of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Who is in jail for raping women, from his own followers. It was very shocking news for whole country. How this is possible? A person who is making films on women empowerment doing such activities with his own Dera Feamles. Punchkula court gives verdict of life imprisonment to Ram Rahim.

At the time of hearing Punjab, Haryana and Delhi NCR was burning with riots. Since court gives verdict for Ram Rahim, his adopted daughter was missing till now. She was accused for so many matters. According to the resources she was the person who provokes Dera followers for riots in different places. She was the main person with Ram Rahim to run Sex Racket in Dera. Also her relationship with Ram Rahim was not as father-daughter relationship. She was accused for helping Ram Rahim to escape when he was brought outside the Punchkula court after conviction.

Honeypreet was disappeared after 25th August 2017. According to Police of Punchkula, they want to investigate her role behind the Punchkula Violence and help Ram Rahim for escaping from police custody.  Police seek her in remand for all these allegations. The Haryana Police had been hunting her since 25th August. But today (03-10-2017) she has been arrested from Punjab (Zirakpur-Patiala Road) by Punchkula Police. Everybody was informed by A.S. Chawla Police Commissioner Punchkula after her arrest.

Honeypreet Insan Arrested

By a recent interview with a News Channel Honeypreet denied all the allegations of police and people. When the reporter ask Honeypreet that why she was hiding from police for so long than she answered that she got afraid from all the situations. She said her “Papa” is innocent and she is also. She has nothing to do with the riots which take place at the time of final verdict. She also answered those people who have questions about her relationship with Ram Rahim that “My relation with Papa is as pure as other fathers having with their daughters in the world. If somebody sees anything doubtful between us two they can come at the front and ask me.” Reporter also asks her about Vishwas Gupta’s statement then she denied talking. She said she has nothing to do with the riots in the country, she was just afraid that’s why she as hiding from police. Also she wants to take legal advice to get rid from this situation.

She said “I want to ask, how a girl can go alone without appropriate permission in the middle of the force? Later, they all said that I was wrong. I am innocent. Have you seen me anywhere inciting riots? I was not present there at all”.

What is right and what is wrong will be proved soon. Truth cannot hide. Hope police will come to a conclusion soon and the persons who died and injured in the riots will get their revenge. Because during these riots almost 45 people lost their lives and more than 300 people get injured.

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