How to Find the Best Dog Insurance Plans

Financial security is essential to maintain a sense of well-being. Unexpected situations may strike at any time. Medical emergencies, death or damage to property can leave you with little or nothing to fall back on. Insureds can take out insurance to cover these unforeseen expenses, or simply to protect their own assets. But the process is not always easy. Listed below are some steps to make the insurance process easier. Read on to learn about the importance of insurance and what it can do for you.


Healthy Paws: This plan offers unlimited coverage and pays out quickly on most claims. It covers accidents, illnesses, alternative therapies, hereditary conditions, and dental care. However, there is a fifteen-day waiting period for cruciate ligament injuries in most states, and a two-year waiting period for hip dysplasia for dogs older than six years. Moreover, healthy paws works with veterinarians to authorize direct payments to owners of insured pets.

Embrace: This pet insurance company offers comprehensive coverage with low deductibles and no age limits. The company also provides reimbursement for alternative therapies and surgery. Embrace offers multiple-pet discounts and allows active military and veterans to get 5% discount for multiple-pet policies. The standard accident and illness plan has a 180-day waiting period for orthopedic injuries, and a 14-day waiting period for surgeries. Most of its plans offer high limits and deductibles, and many options for customization.

Healthy Paws: This policy offers comprehensive coverage with a low deductible and quick claims payouts. It covers accidents, illnesses, alternative treatments, and hereditary conditions. Aside from accident and illness coverage, Healthy Paws also includes a preventative care rider, which covers the cost of annual checkups, vaccines, heartworm and parasite screening, and acupuncture. The company also donates excess premium payments to charitable organizations, which makes it a good option for low-income families.

The cost of insurance varies depending on the deductible and the type of coverage. Some policies only cover accidents, while others cover accidental damage and illness. You may be able to get a higher deductible if you’re lucky and have more than one pet. Insurers can also exclude some kinds of treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Often, it’s not necessary to use expensive, but you should be aware of this information before choosing a particular policy.

Fortunately, there are several great insurance options for pet owners. For example, 24PetWatch offers low deductibles and comprehensive coverage. Some policies offer special add-ons, such as preventative care and accident coverage. Some even cover pre-existing conditions, including heartworms and parasites. A comprehensive insurance policy should include the specific needs of your pets, but be sure to check the details before committing to an agreement.

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