Japan The Topmost Travel Spot In The World

The number one ranking for the topmost travel spot in the world has been earned by the beautiful Ishikagi, Japan. This place is covered with blue waters and white sandy beaches. The Ishikagi Island has topped the TripAdvisor’s Destinations list.  After reviewing the traveller’s ratings for attractions, accommodations and restaurants, TripAdvisor has come up with the most trending travel spots on Earth.  For the U.S. Asia, Europe and South America, Traveller’s Choice Destinations  have been revealed.

Ishigaki, Japan

The name “Ishigaki” means stone wall. It is an island situated in Okinawa and it is surrounded by water. This island is covered with sandy beaches and coral reefs and it is also a famous diving spot. This island is ideal for food enthusiasts and the place is popular for its soba noodles. This noodle is also known as Yaeyama soba which made out of flour.

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Takayama, Japan

Located in the mountainous Gifu Prefecture, the beauty of this place lies in the town and its historical destinations. It always recommended to visit Takayama especially during the spring and autumn seasons as the Takayama Festival goes on during that time. If you visit during spring and autumn seasons, then you can easily get a glimpse of this festival.

Image result for BusanBusan, South Korea

The second largest city of South Korea is Busan. If you visit this city, you will find that the city has plenty of things to offer to you.  Known for its hot springs, hiking trails and natural reserves and beaches, this city is one of the popular travel destinations.  If you are a cultural and art lover, you will get ample of opportunities over here as the city has many museums, historical buildings and temples.  One example can be given of The Gamecheon Cultural Village which is popularly known as Machu Picchu of Busan. This place is beautifully decorated with murals and sculptures by the residents.

Image result for Phnom PenhPhnom Penh,Cambodia

If you visit the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, you can get to know about the French Colonial history with the help of its museums, palaces and cultural sites.



Nantou County, Taiwan

Nantou County is the landlocked county in Taiwan and it has the highest peak called Yushan of Taiwan. You can spot lush forests and beautiful lakes in Nantou County. Travellers learn more about Nantou County by visiting the temples and cultural villages.

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