Kamal Haasan Launches A New Political Party

Haasan On His Toes:

It is really great going for Haasan! While addressing a massive crowd in Madurai, Haasan announced the name of his newly launched political party. Arvind Kejriwal was the chief guest of this political extravaganza. The 62-year-old superstar seemed to be really overwhelmed and excited. Addressing a huge crowd, he declared the name of his party which is MakkalNeethiMeyam.

What Haasan Said:

Today, Haasan took the opportunity to announce the name of his political party. Upon declaring the name, the crowd applauded him with loud cheers. Kamal Haasan set out on a journey and visited innumerable places on his way. He addressed people at these different places. He said that the governments made several promises to the people but could not meet most of them. When people try to find the reason about the shortcomings, the government brings a new set of problem to them.

Kamal Haasan Launches A New Political Party


Haasan visited the elder brother of Abdul Kalam at Rameswaram. While addressing at Ramanathapuram, he said that he is no more related to cinema now. He urged citizens to treat him as the lamp of their house. He told them to protect and keep him fit. While he was on his way, he also visited his hometown-Paramakudi.  Last month, during the announcement of his political tour, he said that he wants to follow Kalam’s way. He wanted to make a good Tamil Nadu just like Kalam intended. Consequently, he started his journey from Mr. Kalam’s residence as he intends to move forward towards his aim from here.

Highlights Of The Party Launch

During his party launch, Kamal said he wants to get rid of violence against women. He added that he considers women as his sisters and mothers. Women should enjoy equal rights.

On asking him about the existence of the freebie system, he said that if becomes the chief Minister he will prohibit the freebie system. On the contrary, he will try to improve the standard of livings of people. Women should be given equal space and respect.

He plans to transform the villages and bring a change to it till the people are satisfied. He added that people might mock at him but he will definitely show the change to people.

He assured people that the party will run through generations and the party will not come to an end with him.

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