Lifestyle Before Pregnancy That Reduces Difficulties Related To Birth Risks

Before having a pregnancy, Women spend a type of lifestyle. However, this type of lifestyle before pregnancy needs a change in order to reduce the difficulty while giving birth. Lifestyle before pregnancy must be a healthy one. One must take proper care of herself to avoid all kind of risks during the time of birth.

Lifestyle before pregnancy, according to Professor Gita Mishra

Professor Gita Mishra is the professor of University of Queensland School of Public Health Researcher. She is giving some of the tips which woman can follow for healthy lifestyle before pregnancy.

Now according to Professor Mishra, it is better to quit smoking and eat well in order to live a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy. Women performing high-level physical activity will result in lowering the risk of gestational diabetes. Consumption of the diet high in fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetables before conception also leads to a lower rate of gestational diabetes.

The development of gestational diabetes takes place during their second trimester. It is for those who don’t have diabetes before pregnancy. According to National Childbirth Trust 30 percent of the woman carrying babies develops diabetes after pregnancy. Staying hydrated by intake of fluid and water is also important.

Gestational diabetes causes the baby to grow larger in size which therefore causes difficulty during birth.

The system of gestation diabetes includes the rise of sugar level in blood. A healthy diet and lifestyle cure high blood sugar. Women often cut their habits of smoking and drinking alcohol but they don’t take proper vegetables and fruits. According to Professor Mishra woman must have a proper education in these field for a healthy childbirth.

Healthy lifestyle before pregnancy include Regular exercises, Refrain from stress and adequate sleep

Regular exercises will help a woman to keep active. It will also increase the stamina of a woman. Women do regular exercise to help the body muscle that will help in combating the stress of labour pains. Exercise working on pelvic muscles leads you to have a normal delivery.

During the time of pregnancy, the mind of a woman must be stress and tension free. This results in producing oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is responsible for contraction during the time of labour. Maternal stress can affect baby’s wellness and health.

Pregnant women must be having a good and quiet sleep for around 8 to 10 hours. This sleep results in keeping the mind calm and also results in a healthy growth of the baby. Sound sleep relieves all fatigue and tiredness. Women must not take tea or coffee before going to sleep. This will help the woman to have an undisturbed sleep.

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