Max Hospital Found Guilty

Doctors are another name of God but if they make serious mistakes during treatment than on whom we can trust. After God doctors are the only one in this world who blesses us with healthy breaths. But what if, they become careless.

Recently a hospital declared a child dead without a proper medical check. Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh Delhi (India) declared per-mature baby dead while one was alive from them and treated by another hospital.

On 30th November 2017 the twins, born at Max Hospital in north Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh. One baby girl was declared dead soon after birth but the baby boy was still alive. Hospital demanded 1 lakh per day for new born treatment. Family refused to bear the expense and ask to discharge their baby boy so they can take him to a smaller hospital for treatment. But about six hours later doctors declared the baby boy also dead and handover the babies bodies to parents in plastic packages. Later on family members got shocked to see that one of the babies was breathing in its package while they were taking them for burial.

The family members rushed to a hospital in Pitampura where doctors told the baby boy was still alive. Delhi New Born Centre of Aggarwal Hospital (Pitampura) already told the family that attempting treatment will be an exercise. According to family members hospital charged them around 15,000 per day including all expenditure for new born treatment. He was treated in that hospital for a week but yesterday he passed away. Family completely blamed Max Hospital for their loss and asked for strict action.

On the other hand max Hospital issued a statement that, “we are shaken and concerned by the incident. We have initiated a detailed enquiry. It is completely doctor fault who made wrong declaration.”

At last the Max Hospital found guilty of not following prescribed medical norms in dealing with newborn infants. No ECG tracings were done to check if the child was alive. The body was handed over without written instructions. Union Health Minister JP Nadda called it “heartbreaking” while Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that he had ordered an inquiry and “strongest action” would be taken.

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