Meadow of Flowers

“Meadow of Flowers”…. Gulmarg

Gulmarg is very small but very beautiful town in district Baramula in J&K. it is very much famous for its beautiful sites and pleasant weather. It is one of the most visited Hill station.  Gulmarg is located almost 60 km far away from Srinagar which is summer capital of J&K. The scenic beauty of Himalaya in the back of this place attracts million of tourists every year. Gulmarg is one of the Hill stations which not attract tourists in specific session but its pleasant weather attracts tourists all over the year.

Attraction points in Gulmarg:-

Although Gulmarg is a very small place to visit but in that place there are so many attraction points which easily attract the visitors. Gulmarg is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Very peace and calm environment is there. Weather and the calm winds will take our breath away. Calmness with beauty seems like Place of God. After coming to Gulmarg we feel our self very close to nature. Even the road which leads us from Srinagar to Gulmarg is very beautiful and on both sides covered with Chinaar Trees. Though it is a hill station so we have to drive on a small hills road to finally reach to Gulmarg. The hilly road is also very beautiful and full of adventure also. It is quit narrow but very clean.

So now you will read about some attraction points of Gulmarg.

Adventure Point in Gulmarg :-

Gulmarg is very famous for its adventure sports. Ski is one of the most important sports of Gulmarg which attracts thousands of adventure lovers. Gulmarg is the Asia’s seventh best ski destination. It is the “heartland of winter sports” in India. In Gulmarg there is a Mount Apharwat which is famous for ski sports. Different kinds of winter clothes of woolen you can easily purchase from the shops which are there in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Gondola:-

Gondola is one of the best attraction point of Gulmarg. It is cable cars which took you to the top of the hill and enjoy the beautiful and scenic beauty of that place. It is the second highest cable car in the world. It is open on all days of the week and required 1-2 hours to complete the ride. Through this cable car you can see Leopard valley, Strawberry Valley and frozen lake of Al-Pathar.

Maharani Temple : –

This temple was made by King Hari Singh foe her beloved wife Mohini Bai Sisodhi who belonged to Dogra Kings of J&K. Maharani Temple is a very good example of beautiful art and culture. Along with this it is a very nice example of unity between Hindu and Muslims because Muslim priest is performing rituals in the temple. It is in the middle of Gulmarg.

Golf Course: –

this is the longest golf course of India. In past this golf course was used by Britishers to play Golf. This golf course is very beautiful and consist variety of beautiful and rare flowers. People generally take their vehicles on the road inside the golf course when flowers bloom in the months of June to September. It is seriously a breath taking view.

St. Marry Church: –

This church is standing from last almost 100 years and a very beautiful example of ancient architecture wonder which is situated near the golf course of Gulmarg. This church was made by grey stone. This church gives a very amazing and fantastic look in winter when it surrounded by snow. Its entry is totally free and open on all days of week.

“Meadow of Flowers”…. Gulmarg

Stay & Food in Gulmarg:-

In Gulmarg there are so many small and big but famous resorts. You can easily find a place to stay in. But may be peak session of winters resorts costs bit high. There are some of the resorts which I am listing below:-

  • Alpine lounge
  • Nedous Dining Room
  • Hotel Highland Park
  • Big Bite Fast Food

Along with Gulmarg beauty it is very famous for its delicious food. Mostly hotels will serve you all kind of food but they have a specialty in Kashmiri Food. Along with this Rogan JoshDum Aloo and Yakhni are some very famous and local dishes. Along with this QabargaahModur PulaavMuj Gaad, Raazma Gogji, Kehwah and Sheekh kabab are some delicious food items of Gulmarg. Whenever you plan to visit Gulmarg taste these food items according to your choice.

We tried to give you the best information about Gulmarg. You can easily plan your visit. Hope so our information will help you as a guide there.

Happy Journey!!!!

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