Mumbai to Goa Cruise Ship : The Starting Ticket Price is Rs 7,000

India’s first cruise ship will have a price from Rs 7000. The joyful ride is between Mumbai and Goa. The company will bear two meals and a brunch. You can easily avail the swimming pool of the ship nor enjoy the beauty of the Konkan coast. The launch took place on Wednesday evening and is having a name Angriya. The name of the ship came from Maratha navy admiral Kanhoji Angre and the great coral reef of Angria bank. It is basically a joint venture of the Angriya sea eagle Pvt Ltd and Mumbai port trust.

Pricing and service of the cruise ship

India’s first cruise ship will have a price of Rs 7,000. It is quite expensive if compared with flight and train charges. The company is wishing to spend their money on luxury services of a cruise ship.

The cruise ship will travel every alternative day. It will depart at 5 pm from Mumbai and will reach Goa at 9 am in the next morning.

Interior and room services of Mumbai to Goa cruise ship

The cruise ship of India will be having eight different types of restaurants along with the coffee shop. It will also have a recreation room, swimming pool and lounge. You can also gain some insight regarding the nautical trivia in the ship. The ship has the capacity of 350 passengers. If you are wishing to arrange your wedding party, then you can easily do so. All you will have to do is to expand a restaurant of the ship for the party.

The cruise ship is having different categories of room. The price will be different for different categories of rooms. Depending on the demand the company will firm up the price. However, the starting price of the shop is Rs 7,000.

Government is planning to boost the cruise tourism

There was a rise of footfall of 23 percent in Goa on 2017. The cruise tourism is evolving very fast. The Government is planning to launch ships for other tourist places from Mumbai. They are even planning to link with Southeast Asia. According to the experts, the cruise tourism will also play a major role in giving a job to the youths.

So this is the Mumbai to Goa cruise ship that is going to start. The Government asked a private operator to come forward.

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