Mysterious Places of Shimla

Capital of Himachal Pradesh (Shimla) is very famous, less polluted and beautiful city in India. Most of the tourists love to visit this place throughout the year. In summer season the weather seems to be so pleasant and in winter season snowfall create a mesmerizing beauty which takes our breath away.

There are so many good and beautiful places to visit in Shimla like: Kufri, Jakhu Temple, The Mall Raod, Chruch, Kalibadi Temple, Chedvik Fall etc. but do you know that Shimla is very famous for its mysterious places. Mysterious places always attract the people towards it. So Shimla is a very good place for those people also who are after mysterious things and stuff.

Some people also connect these places with supernatural powers. But according to me it’s just energy with create the whole environment over a place. The vibes depend upon the type of energy of that place whether positive or negative.

So in this article I will share some places where people experience something different or they regarded as mysterious places.

Mysterious Places of Shimla

IGMC Shimla: –

This is one of the biggest hospital and medical college of Himachal. Thousands of people are admitted and discharged from here every month, some even die. It is considered that the mysteries which experienced by people are because of those people who died in this hospital because of any reason. People said that they experience strange voice coming from corridors, lifts, and stairs in the middle of the night when there is complete peace in hospital.

Mysterious Places of Shimla

Tunnel 33 Barog: – 

This tunnel is a railway tunnel which is considered as most hunted place in Shimla. British engineer Captain Barog was assigned the responsibility for constructing this tunnel enroute Shimla Kalka Highway. So this tunnel named after him only. But he failed in his task and torture by the supervision. He become so frustrated due to that torture and committed suicide near that tunnel. So people believed that it is Captain Barog whose spirit roams in that tunnel.

Mysterious Places of Shimla

Convent of Jesus and Marry: –

It is one of the reputed and good convent school in Shimla. This school is famous for so many hunted incidents, but later on many of them seems to be rumors only. People believed that many time at night a horse man appeared without a head. The play area of school was used to bury children in past time. So those buried children also visible in the darkness of night. In 2012 also a school girl found dead near by the school due to committed suicide. Family claimed that due to harassment and mental pressure their daughter committed suicide. Some claim that the building is haunted by their souls too.

Mysterious Places of Shimla

Sanjauli IGMC Road: –

This is a shortcut road which leads you to the Ridge Shimla by Sanjauli College and IGMC hospital. In the day time this road is very busy with people and vehicles. But after 10 PM people avoid coming from this road because they believed that a person with no hand often had seen on this road. He used to sell oranges at night. People said that he was a local from that place only and sell oranges on this road throughout his life, but after his death also he is there only.

Mysterious Places of Shimla

Charleville Mansion: –

This century-old deserted castle, built in the British era. Located up the hills of Shimla, resided by a British officer Victor Bayley and his wife. Before them, an army officer resided in the mansion. Both the families have reported paranormal activities inside the house like British gentleman who breaks and crashes things in the house. locals report ghostly figures and shadows lingering inside the Charleville mansion and hence this place is regarded as the most haunted place in Shimla

There are so many other places also which considered as mysterious places of Shimla. We don’t support any kind of rumor regarding to any place. It’s just simple information collected by sources which we describe related to these places. Hope you will enjoy after reading this article and do visit these places whenever visit Shimla.

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