NASA Discovers Inner Secrets of Jupiter

NASA had started their new mission to planet Jupiter of collecting some inner secrets. Upon investigating, it has been found that NASA has come across some inner secrets of Jupiter planet. They claimed that NASA has discovered some mysteries of the giant planet.

Jupiter – The Giant Gas – Planet

Being the fifth planet from the sun, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter planet has bright and dark bands of gas which is placed alternatively. The winds flow at a great speed but it blows in the opposite direction.

In the earlier years, the scientists have studied extensively about the surface of the planet. The surface of the planet is claimed to be made up of helium and hydrogen. Recently, the reports tell us that the outer layer has a depth extension of 1900 mile.

About 400 years ago, Galileo identified the stripes on the planet Jupiter. According to the Juno co-investigator who comes from the Weizmann Institute of Science mentioned the same in one of his recent quotes. You can have a view of the same if you visit the websites of NASA.

The understanding regarding the stripes on the planet Jupiter was superficial until now. The scientist related the stripes with the cloud features. However, now we definitely have a clear idea regarding the structure that exists beneath the clouds. This has been possible due to the reports that came from Juno.

The Origin of The Planet

The team is hopeful that the findings would definitely help improve the understanding of the interior structure of the planet Jupiter and its core mass. They are also hoping that with the passage of time, people will also understand the origin of the planet. Presently, the findings are published in four papers.

The Findings of The Planet

  • One of the significant discoveries is that there are massive cyclones that surround the north and south poles of the planet Jupiter. These are the atmospheric features of the planet.
  • Also, a north-south asymmetry is found based on the measurement of the gravity field of Jupiter.
  • According to the findings of the report, despite the fluid nature of Jupiter, the planet rotates as a solid body.
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