New Ageless Generation of Youthful 40 Plus Glam Gals

Age is just a number, which actually should not affect one’s identity.  The new age women are more confident, smart, free willed, love to explore, learn and even enjoy life to the fullest. Now you would think this is the description of a teenager or a woman in her twenty’s, actually these are the characteristics of the women of today in their 40’s and 40 plus, who are the new ageless generation. Beautiful, effortlessly cool, lean and lithe are the new fashion statement of the new age gals of 40.

The different new mind sets which have brought these revolutionary changes

Although the world has always seen the proof that women at any age is more successful the a man, but then also from age old myth, they are labeled as a wife, a mother, old, middle aged, above forty and so on. Earlier due to the family or the society’s prior pressure used to make women think in only one direction, but today everything is new and fresh. Today the 40 plus aged women do not lead the lives the way their mother’s or grandmothers have lead, but are more confident, fun loving and love to learn and experiment. How have this revolutionary change come to practice, let’s find some research facts and fines to confirm the statements,

Perennials Are Ever-Blooming, Relevant People Who Know What’s Happening In The World

Well the words define its own statement, as the new ageless is the trend which has brought about the change. The new mind set where today women at such age are more active than the women in their twenties or thirties. This is due to the change in philosophy of life, more opening to world of media and online portals, and even the society which is changing the trend of thinking with time and age. Research shows that everywhere women forty 40 plus are highly visible to re write all the rules of living a fulfilled youthful life. As mentioned the everlasting or the perennials of blooming energy and spirit can be now seen more of women in their prime age of 40 to 50. They are more successful, confident and even fun to be with.

Among the celebrities today around the globe, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, J.K. Rowling and so on has been given the title of world’s most beautiful and successful women, although they are of the age group of 40 to 50. The ‘middle age’ title given to women of 40 plus is now changed, and they are now the trendy girls of 20, vibrant, romantic, fun to be with, adventurous, sporting spirit and the entrepreneurs, are the features of these ageless beauties.

The ageless number graph research report

According to a recent research on the new ageless women of today has a spectacular result, which is truly commendable,

  • It says that 96% of 40-plus women don’t feel middle-aged at all.
  • About 80% feel that society’s assumptions about middle-aged women do not represent their lives as they write their own rules.
  • Around 67% of the ageless beauties consider themselves to be in their prime peak time of life.
  • Then around 84% say they don’t define themselves by their age by number.
  • And finally 91% don’t believe advertisers understand them, so they make their own identities.
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