All About The New Mahindra Roxor SUV

Good news for Mahindra lovers! It has unveiled a new SUV for the market of United States. The new model is known as Mahindra Roxor. The looks of Mahindra Roxorare similar to Mahindra Thar.Resembling the Jeep CJ5 from the 60s, this SUV can be used for recreational purposes on the farm lands.

Here we present everything that you want to know about Mahindra Roxor.


Based on the Mahindra Thar, the body of Mahindra Roxor is made up of polyurethane.  Owing to a polyurethane body, the car is lighter and has more durability. The front grille has been changed in this car when compared to the Mahindra Thar.

Some other changes of the new Roxor are as follows:

  • Doors are not there in this car
  • No existence of large roof
  • No windscreen present in this car.

All these features are present in Mahindra Thar. The design of Roxor is doorlessand it is accompanied with a rollcage. To give a basic protection to the travelers, a small canvas is buttoned down the roof. The cloth side door can be taken off in the new Mahindra Roxor. The car is adorned with 16-inch steel rims and aluminum alloy wheels.

Interiors Of The Car

The dashboard of Roxor looks really dashing. Although, there has been an improvement in the plastic dashboard however, the Roxor has returned back to the basics. In Roxor, there is a simple dashboard with a large dial in the centre. No existence of any airbags however, you will get a traditional grab handle in this SUV. The seats of this car have a basic and traditional look.

Price Of This SUV

The Mahindra Roxor will be manufactured in The United States presently. It will be produced with the help of kits that will be sent from India. The Mahindra Roxor will be produced in Auburn Hills in the Detroit area. The price of this car will be around $15,000 which is 10 lakh prices in Indian currency for the base model. However, this vehicle will only be available in US. It is not going to be available in India.


You can get Roxor in a variety of color and a range of wrap options are available too. According to Mahindra, Roxor will come in 900 paint and wrap options. You will get bright shades of gloss and matte colors. There is a variety of features likes off road bumpers, light bars and winches.

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