Facebook Games: Social Gaming On The Boom

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It is certainly true that Facebook games have captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. Yes, it has unquestionably risen to prominence as a social gaming platform that generates a lot of revenue for a lot of people. These virtual and internet games are sold as social games, and game makers alone make a fortune.

The Relationship Between Social Media and Gaming

People can perform their social talks on various networking sites such as Facebook while also playing online games if they so desire. And the best part is that they may play while staying connected and conversing with their friends and family. For those who have yet to experience the fun and extremely enjoyable games available on Facebook, here are just a few of the numerous games available to try and become addicted to.

Game YoVille

In this Facebook game, players can create their own avatars by customizing their characters' clothing and appearances, then letting their characters walk about YoVille's virtual town. You can create friends with some of the avatars you meet while playing the game, send them private messages, and even ask them if they want to play games with you, just like in other Facebook games.

If you have an online buddy who is playing this game with you and you neglected to welcome her on her birthday, you can quickly send her flowers or a basket of sweet treats from YoVille.
Otherwise, if you have someone you despise or dislike, just play KickMania to get that unpleasant feeling out of your chest.

KickMania is a game about kickboxing.

Here's a game where you can do whatever you want to someone. You have the option of inflicting actual harm on that person, but only in the virtual world of Facebook games. Despite the fact that this game is aimed toward physical activity, it has attracted millions of players and continues to rank among the Top 10 greatest Facebook games for social gamers.

Returning The Favor In The Virtual World

You start by creating your own avatar, then kick the other avatar you despise and watch him collapse to the ground and into the walls. Isn't that incredible? Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could do something to that person you can't stand, things you know you can't do in real life? You can also calculate and select the angle at which you wish to send your high kick, as well as the landing location for your feet and body. This game also shows how far the players have gone in terms of kicking their friend.

Word of the Day

If you're a wordsmith and prefer a more tranquil environment, you might enjoy this Facebook game called Word Challenge. The developer company of this game, which originated in London, is now around $21 million richer. Join the fight for the title of Resident Wordsmith and the crown. Players get points by unscrambling the hidden words while beating the time limit, just like in the popular game Boggle. It prepares you for any word challenge you might meet as you go along. This Facebook game will undoubtedly train your brain to think faster than ever before.

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