One in Four Indians Are Willing To in Taking Their Pay Cut For Shortening Their Travel To Work

For the commuting of work, it becomes difficult for everyone in becoming major professionals. The main reason for this may be lack of public transports, clogged roads. According to a survey, it is known that 78 percent of Indian desire a shorter commute time. They believe mainly in shortening their travel to work. According to the survey, 26 percent are willing to in taking their pay cut for shortening their travel to work.

There is always a desire for a shorter commuting time. This is basically the highest in India among other 11 countries globally. All these are according to the survey of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking firm.

Indians in shortening their travel to work

According to half of the Indians, there is an increment in the commute time for the last one year. 60 percent of people were of the verdict that they became late to office because of the poor transport system. These factors are both highest among the surveyed countries.

The daily commute is very painful for a maximum of the professionals in India. So they want in shortening their travel to work. Around the 47 percent of the surveys, Indians are more productive at work. All these are with shorter commuting time. Almost half of the professionals agreed to consider a larger commute if their salary rises by 20 percent.

There were also other surveys. These surveys said that people would option a longer commute only if they receive transportation. They may also do longer commute with a promotion or increase in the title. Other 40 percent agreed in traveling to distance with the right job.

All these surveys represent the different opinions of working professional of LinkedIn. These are due to the commute among the surveys in 11 countries across the globe. The 11 countries also include India among them.

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