One More Nirbhaya on Dev Bhoomi Himachal Pradesh

We all remember 16 December, 2012 when we saw a very brutal example of human behavior on a poor girl named Nirbhaya. But she got justice finally in this year (2017). The media played a very active role in this case. Media took this sin to every person of this country. All countrymen come together for justice. Police also show incredible success to arrest the main accused of this case. A wave of protest was running all around the country for Nirbhaya’s case. All were seeking the justice for nation girl. She always remembered as “Desh ki Beti”.

But are you people aware that one more Nirbhaya is there in India now days. Who passed away but her family is still looking for the justice. I don’t think so you people are aware because the media is looking like they all are sleeping somewhere and don’t want to include themselves in this case. But I don’t know why? But as a human being I want to take an initiative to start a movement with the help of regarding to Gudiya Rape and Murder Case in Himachal Pradesh.

With a deep sorrow and shame I am writing this states’ name which is known as Dev Bhoomi. Yes!!!  Dev Bhoomi Himachal!!!! Queen of Hills is not at all safe for girls anymore. Recently a very bad news comes to know that a 10th class school girl was raped and murdered by 6 people in Kotkhai under Distt Shimla Himachal Pradesh. Where are girls safe? Parents will now keep their girls at home and not allowed them to go outside. Because after this even I cannot believe on anyone. Girls are not safe even with their known.

The school girl (Gudiya) was reported missing by her parents on 4th July, 2017 after she did not return from school. After two days that means on 7th July 2017 her necked dead body found by local police in nearby forest. The condition of that body was telling its mishappining by its own dead mouth. There were many major injuries and wounds found on Gudiya’s body. The body immediately sends for postmortem where it cleared that Gudiya has been raped and then murdered by those devils. People of Himachal are totally stunned by this brutal act and careless behavior of police department.

After 4 to 5 days of this incident police arrest those accused. Police kept those bastards in a secret place for investigation. This make local people upset. Family is seeking justice and police are protecting them by keeping them in secret place. Because of the pressure of public on police and government accused statements readout in public. The statement of those accused is reallyshocking. They are a live example of those devil wolves who don’t know the value of human life.

Six devils has been arrested by police named Rajender Singh Alias (Raju) 30years, Suraj Singh Nepali 29 years, Subash Singh Bisht 42 years, Deepu 38 years, Lokjan Nepali 19 years and Ashish Chauhan 29 years. According to the statement Raju was bit known to Gudiya and he offered lift to her. She also didn’t hesitate to sit inside the vehicle because she knows him. After few kilometers they stopped their vehicle and asked girl to get out of the car by making some excuses. The accused were already drunk. They forcefully dragged the girl out of the vehicle and raped her. After rapping they keep the girl in some secret place and then with the fear of police and people they killed the girl and throw her in the forest without clothes. They give a statement that they planned everything after seeing the girl walking on the road. She was just 16. One of the accused very shamefully said that she was begging for her life. But we killed her. Very shamefully he admitted that they raped her, killed her and broke her bones. After being raped by these devils she said them to let her free. She told them that she will never disclose this incident with anyone but they don’t listen to her and killed her brutally. Totally insane.

However Police is doing their work but in a very slow manner. People of Himachal come on roads for justice. Himachal CM Mr. Virbhadra Singh gives a very funny statement that, “those accused are not my family members. Police is working and will definitely provide justice to Gudiya.” But the question is when??? After 10 years or 15 years!!!!

This is a high time to show our unity as nation again which we showed in 2012. I am not saying that be rude and fiery protest. I am asking about a peace protest. However this case has been overtake by CBI now but we the people of this country should come together again and should force our Government to pass very strict law against rapist.

They killed Gudiya but now parents of Gudiya should allow killing those bastards. The law should be changed and should punish these rascals with very brutal punishment. So after this nobody don’t even think to rape any other Gudiya. They should be killed in the middle of the road by people.

Do you people still think that this case is not that much big and brutal as Nirbhaya? Please people wake up!!!! Media show some activeness. “News from every corner” where are you?? Even till now nation is not fully aware about this incident. Show some spirit and togetherness. We want justice for Gudiya now!!!

In my content I never request people to share, but in this its my humble request to share this with each person you know. So that without media we can aware everybody and come together to support Gudiya and her family. Please reader it’s my request. Your initiative give moral support to Gudiya’s Holy Spirit and her family  

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