Pay A Visit To the Adventure Rock Hill In Kerala

The travellers and the visitors can visit the Kerala’s BOT model ecotourism project which is known as Adventure Rock Hill of Jatayu Earth’s Center. Being located at Chadayamangalam in Kollam district in Kerala, the earlier name was Jatayupara Nature Park which is known as Jatayu Earth Center now. There are few more ventures that need to be completed to make this park fully operational.

The venture is going to be completed by April 2018.  A group of 10 to 100 people can access this Adventure Rock Hill and entry of each person would cost Rs 3,500/-. Over here, many services and activities are offered to vacationers like rock climbing, trekking, 6D theatre, rock climbing, A Siddha and Ayurvedic cave resort.

You can enjoy 15 adventure activities which is included in the tour package. There is a separate adventure zone and you will get a chance to play 20 different games like archery, paintball, rifle shooting, rock climbing and rappelling for the visitors.  The tour package for visiting the centre includes 15 adventure activities. It has a separate adventure zone, which provides over 20 different games such as paintball, archery, laser tag, rifle shooting, rock climbing and rappelling for the tourists.

The centre could be cited as an example of eco-tourism in India said Rajiv Anchal who is the concept designer, MD and Chairman of Jatayou Earth’s Center.  Around 10 years of dedication has resulted and brought this center to support tourism in India. It showcases an era in which living beings were careful about each other and lived peacefully with each other.

The tourism department of Kerala has always been on its toes to promote tourism and continues to attract tourists and vacationers so that people visit from all across the country. In order to accelerate the growth of the tourism industry, Kerala Tourism has started to implement different kinds of tourism development plans. The tourism industry wants to promote the adventure tourism with an intention to woo the visitors.

Local communities are given several opportunities to come up with projects like rainwater harvesting and renewable energy. The highlights of the Jatayu Earth Centre is 150 ft wide, 200 ft long and 70 ft tall sculpture. It has entered the Guinness Book of World Records as it has been recognized as the world’s largest bird sculpture.

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