Places to Visit in Winter

Are you planning for your winter vacations? Or you still not planned? If you planned have you choose your destination, where you want to go? Planning vacation is very important but plan for right place is much more important.  We often choose a place where we can enjoy our vacation but we failed to choose the right place where we can enjoy the vacation with perfect touch of climate, nature and happiness.

In this article with we are going to tell you the top five winter vacation destination where you can enjoy your holidays with perfect touch of nature and happiness. These places will actually help you to worth which you spend for vacation.

Places to Visit in Winter

Chicago, USA : – 

This place is very beautiful to visit in any season but it is the best in winter season. This city is known as Windy City. In winter season it fully covered with snow and become a snowy city. Michigan Lake will take your breath away in winter season. January and February are the coldest months which freeze Michigan Lake completely.

Places to Visit in Winter

Plitvice National Park, Croatia : – 

This national park is one the main and most attracted place of Croatia. There are 16 lakes in the park. These lakes are rich with minerals.  These lakes are considered as most beautiful lakes in world. These lakes are turquoise in color and cascading into each other. In winter when all lakes frozen due to low temperature will attract more visitors.

Places to Visit in Winter

Hallstatt Austria: –

This place is considered as UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a very small village in Austria.  It is surrounded by Salzburg Mountains. It is also considered as world’s prettiest village. It is known for its production of salt. In winter when this place covered with snow and surrounded mountains also it presents a scenic beauty.

Places to Visit in Winter

Tallinn Estonia: –

Tallinn is situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. This place is a perfect destination for vacations. From November to till March weather is considered as winter here. It is an old medieval town which looks stunning in winter season.

Places to Visit in Winter

Banff National Park, Canada: –

It is one of the most visited places of Canada. The main attraction in this place is Moraine Lake. This national park is the oldest park of Canada. It is a picture perfect place with Rocky Mountains and turquoise glacial lake. Millions of visitors come here every year but especially in winter season good number of visitors comes to this national park. Banff is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Park UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So these are top five places where you can visit in winter. Nature at its best in winter season in these places. These are those places where you can enjoy winter weather with perfect comfort. These places are well connected with transport in this season also. So don’t worry about any uncomforted situation in these places. Plan your winter vacations with these places and enjoy you time.


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