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It is that time of the year when we bid farewell to the year and look forward to welcoming the new year.  Everybody is eager to celebrate the end of the ongoing year and start a new year.  During this time, most of us want to party while some others like to enjoy by following some good food traditions to greet the new year 2018.  There are some countries which follow their own traditions for welcoming the New Year and these traditions date back to long time ago.

Here are some of the New Year traditions followed by different countries of the world.

Smashing Of Plates, Denmark

We generally send greeting cards during this time of the year, however, in Denmark, people break plates outside the houses of their neighbours to show love and affection.  This act is done primarily to show loyalty to friends and family.

12 Grapes Eating, Spain

Just when the clock is about to strike midnight, Spanish people eat 12 grapes for each strike of the clock when the clock is about to strike 12.  This act has been adopted by Portuguese and Mexicans as it symbolizes 12 prosperous months ahead.

Round Food Eating, Philippines

The New Year is greeted by eating round things only in the Philippines. During this time, they consume 12 round fruits which symbolize one fruit for each month of the year.  The round shape symbolizes prosperity, luck and wealth.

Dropping Ice Cream On The Floor, Switzerland

A very common New Year tradition is to drop ice cream on the floor which is mostly followed by the Switzerland people. If you do this, it is going to bring in a lot of good luck in the new year.

Gulp Down Your Own Wish, Russia

Russians do something very weird during this time of the year. First of all, they write a wish on a paper and then drop in the glass of champagne and gulp it down before the clock strikes midnight.

Bake A Coin In Bread, Greece

If you are in Greece, you will find they drop a coin in bread or cake and they are baked. The person who gets the lucky piece is gifted with good luck which they can enjoy throughout the year.

Seven Times Eating, Estonia

Lavish feasts are arranged in Estonia.  In this city, people tend to eat seven times to greet the new year as seven is one of their luckiest numbers.  This seven-time eating symbolizes wealth, good health and prosperity.

Sprinkle Some Salt, Turkey

As the New Year sets in, people in Turkey sprinkle some salt on the doorsteps by opening their front doors.  This act is done as it is believed that it brings in peace and prosperity.

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