Porsche Stop Production of Diesel Engine

Introduction: Porsche made an official announcement regarding its termination of production of diesel engine models. They ended the production of diesel engines recently.

Reason Behind The Cessation In Production

The primary reason behind this decision is nil demand of diesel engine cars. Adding to this, customers are inclining towards electrified versions of cars. Hence, there is hardly any future of the diesel models.  Cayenne is the first Porsche with a diesel option. The last Porsche with a diesel option is Macan S Diesel and Panamera 4S Diesel.

Porsche Inclines Towards Electric Models

Very recently, Porsche doubled its budget for producing electric models of cars. Shortly after this, Porsche announced the termination of production of its diesel models.  The cessation in the production of electric cars gives us a hint as to intention of the brand. The brand seems to be extremely dedicated towards production of hybrid sports cars and electric cars.

According to Marcus Kabel, Porsche North America Corporate Communication Manager, Diesel engines do not have a significant role to play at Porsche.  Porsche is also not involved in the development of diesel engines by its own. He also added if you observe the current market, you will find the demand for diesel engines is on the fall. The interests in gasoline or hybrid models are increasing stupendously. The End-of-Production date of Diesel cars is 15 February 2018.

History Of Porsche Cars

Kabel said in the United States, the ever offered diesel car is the Cayenne. Porsche Cars North America made a decision of voluntarily discontinuing the sales of diesel vehicles from 2014 through 2016.  Going ahead, the focus of Porsche would be gasoline, hybrid powertrains and electrification. Porsche will stop offering Diesel powertrains to US in the future days.

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