Postponing Examination -The Motive Behind Ryan International Murder

The murder of a class 2 boy aged around 7 years old, a student of Ryan International School is known to all. The Gurgaon Police arrested the bus conductor Ashok Kumar for killing Pradhyumn Thakur. However, father of the deceased feels police has failed to arrest the right man. And Barun Thakur might be right as the CBI is suspecting a 16-year-old boy who is a student of class 11 of the same school for murdering the little boy.

And to the surprise of many, to fulfil his intention of postponing the date of the examination and a parent-teacher meeting, he took this drastic step.  He had been thinking of different ways of doing it for many days. To simply defer an ongoing examination, he had planned the murder. According to him, something big like a murder could keep the school shut and thus his intention can be fulfilled easily.

Initially, Kumar, the bus conductor was arrested for the heinous crime however he was given a clean chit by CBI recently. It was thought Kumar might have tried to sexually assault the little child which resulted in the murder of the child in the end. However, no sign of any sexual assault could be found on the body of the little boy.

The sensational murder took place on September 08. 2017. With his throat slit, the boy was found dead outside the washroom of the school situated on the ground floor. That fateful morning, Pradhyumn along with his sister Vidhi, a student of fifth grade, came to school as usual. However, just bidding goodbye to his sister, the little boy stepped into his classroom. Then he went to the washroom after which he was found dead. CBI has alleged that the accused might have called Pradhyumn for discussing something important and slit his throat within few seconds. CBI thinks that it could have been anyone as the accused had made up his mind to kill someone to get his intention fulfilled. And Pradhyumn was the boy who was targeted.

During questioning, the boy has confessed that he just lost his senses, went blank and committed the murder. The accused boy has always been weak in studies and the CBI has claimed the Class 11 student to be the prime suspect after several rounds of inspection, scrutiny of call records and CCTV footages, and constant probes. The classmates of the accused boy confirmed that their half yearly examination was going on and the accused boy took the first examination on September 6 however, he told his friends that he would do something sensational that would get the examination postponed.

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