Preserve your Skin’s Youthfulness with these Tips

Ageing of the skin is a natural process.  However, nowadays, as life has become fast-paced, the skin ageing starts early due to other factors like an imbalance in diet and bad weather conditions.  As per experts, if you want to get a youthful skin, you should keep your eyes protected and skin moisturised.  You should start to take care of your skin from an early age so that the body can replenish the collagen that is getting lost. To do so, you can use quality skin care products and different preventative treatments to get a healthy and glowing skin. This will help your skin to get rid of the early onset of the fine lines and wrinkles.

The Principal Scientist of The Himalaya Drug Company, Chandrika Mahindra has shared some few tips/suggestions that can help preserve your skin and maintain its youthfulness.

  • Moisturization is very crucial for your skin. Hence, do not forget to moisturise it everyday.  While choosing the moisturizer, get a herbal day cream that has SPF and Edelweiss plant stem cell extract. The SPF and Edelweiss plant stem cell extract has properties of antioxidant, anti-ageing and skin conditioning properties. The product will make your skin look hydrated and also help it to re-plump it.
  • You should remember that an imbalanced diet will affect your health and your skin too.  Hence, you need to follow a healthy diet so that your skin rejuvenates and looks younger. You should try to add fruits, salads to your diet that will help to moisturize your skin and making it glow naturally.
  • It is essential to add a night cream to your skin every night. During the night, the production of the skin cell doubles and the layers of skin are renewed. Use a herbal night cream to get a flawless skin. Also, an adequate amount of sleep is required to have a glowing and youthful skin. Night cream works during your sleep and makes your skin hydrating and youthful.
  • The surrounding areas of the eyes are very sensitive. Hence, protection is required with an under-eye cream which will soothe your eyes. The skin around your eyes will remain hydrated, bright and youthful.
  • Today’s life is fast-paced and extremely stressful. Stress is the reason for your skin-ageing. Avoid skin-ageing by indulging yourself in activities like yoga or meditation.  With these, your body will be detoxified and your hormone levels will be balanced.
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