Punjab Proposed Sports Policy For Better Future

Punjab’s proposed sports policy

There is a hope for better sports days in future because of Punjab’s proposed sports policy. There was an announcement on Friday that is on 4th of May 2018. Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi gave the announcement. He is Punjab’s sports and youth affairs minister. He said that there will be a new sports policy. This will restore the sport’s golden days in the state.

The introduction to the new sports policy will be by the end of this month. It may also take place by the second week of June. It will allow them in spending more money and expecting better performance from the sportsman. There are also some major changes going on the current sports policy. Refurbishment of a new stadium is going on, especially for the ones having synthetic tracks.

The minister will not shut the previous scheme but will analyse them for better results. There is also no plan for shutting the Punjab State Institute of Sports. There were ways of doing things better by former Government for improving the declining standards of sports in the state.

The CWG winner awards

There was also an announcement for the awards for the state players. This is for the state players who won gold medals in Common Wealth Games. However, there was no revealing of the awards. They will get awards after revising the sports policy that is existing.

The awards may be cash awards or job awards. According to the minister, there will be an increment in the cash award. The increment will be for the sportsman who will achieve for a national and international level in future.

Psychologists of sports for the coaches and players

Punjab’s proposed sports policy will bring professionalism to improve the vision of players and coaches. There is an increase of seats under the sport’s wings. There is also an increase in money for the players at grassroots level. Precise training will be going on both rural and urban areas. There will also be an appointment of the sport’s psychologists for the betterment of coaches and players.

University of sports in Patiala

Punjab’s proposed sports policy also includes the making of a sports university in Patiala. The announcement of the project was on last year and it will spread over 200 acres. New courses will start at Mahindra Kothi in the coming weeks.

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