Rafael Nadal Beats The Dominic Thiem in Order to Claim

As per the recordings this Rafael’s 17th Grand Title. At his awe-inspiring best Rafael Nadal crushed the Austrian Dominic Thiem. He snatched the record of extending the 11th French title. Rafael did this with a French Open title with a victory on Sunday that is on 10th of June. He opened with a victory of 46-36-2. Rafael Nadal took Roland Garros win-loss record. He took the record to 86-2 victory by capturing the 17th Grand Slam Title. Rafael Nadal demolished the seventh seed. The seventh seed was hoping to become one of the second Austrian to win at the Roland Garros.

The 11th Final took place in Paris where Rafael only lost 6 sets. He matched all-time records of the most single. The records of the most single title which is won at the same event of Grand Slam.  Margaret Court set this during the 1960s and 70 at the Austrian Open.  There was a marking of sixth consecutive Grand Slam on this Sunday. It was won by either Rafael Nadal or the 20 times champion Rodger Federer.

Claiming the record of extending the 11th French title

He is a muscular Spaniard who on all the 10 of his previous Roland Garros Finals. Thiem was the only man who beat him on clay for the last two seasons. Austrians never threatened the clay court on 10th of June that is on this Sunday. Nadal asked the trainer to massage him twice during the final match on Sunday. This massage also failed in improving the chances of emulating the fellow Austrian. Fellow Austrian was Thomas Muster’s 1995 triumph.

Nadal basically got a dream start. He pocketed the first six points as he broke Thiem during the second game. Rafael Nadal opened up as a 2-0 lead. Thiem tried up in holding the breakpoint as 2-2.

Frustration of Thiem

Nadal won the last one where Thiem was nervous. This made Nadal in achieving the record of extending the 11th French title. Nadal won the first two and got chances of winning. Thiemhowever managed in getting two points to fight. The final score was 2-2. At last Rafael Nadal broke his pace by dropping shot. He finished it off with a passing shot and holding 5-2. Ar last Nadal was successful in holding the record of extending the 11th French title.

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