Rape Don’t Consider Religion, Murder and Gang Rape of Asifa Bano

Murder and Rape of 8-year-old girl named as Asifa Bano

Rape is now a common incident in India. These kinds of activities are taking place daily. Recently an incident took place in the Kathua city. The incident includes rape of an 8-year-old girl. The story has now become a major topic of discussion when Hindu right-wing groups started protesting. The protesting was over the arrest of eight men who were Hindu.

How the Rape of an 8-year-old girl took place

Asifa Bano disappeared on 10th of January 2018 wearing a salwar kameez of purple colour. But the body of the eight-year-old lay in the forest of Kathua city. Kathua city is a region in Kashmir. Her family was living in the village named as Rasana. Rasana was only a mile away from Kathua city.

Strangers abducted the eight-year-old Asifa Bano from the meadow when she was grazing her horses.  Strangers took her to a prayer hall. The strangers sedated her for three days, tortured her and gang-raped her brutally. Then they tried to kill her by putting a cloth around her neck. But to make sure that she is dead, they hit her head with stone for several times.

According to the details of the report

Rape of 8-year-old girl was nothing but a political and religious tension between the local Hindus and Asifa’s tribe. A group of Indian Sunni Muslims known as the Bakarwal is Asifa’s tribe. The local Hindus saw them as a threat and performed such inhuman act. They did this to remove Muslim family from that area according to the charge sheet.

The people committing the rape of 8-year-old girl were Deepak Khujaria and three other policemen. Deepak Khujaria was a 28-year-old special police officer. Based on evidence he got arrested. The three other policemen washed the clothes of Asifa before sending them to the forensic lab. On the law of tampering with DNA evidence, the three officers got arrested.

Other incidents influenced by the rape of 8-year-old girl Asifa Bano

The politicians were silent and so many Indians were furious about this matter. Some locals also defended the accused as they were Hindu. Ministers of two Bharatiya Janata Party attended a rally for supporting the accused.

This Friday that is on 13th of April 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a statement that no accused will be spared. He also gave a statement that there will be complete justice.

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